Webinar: Integrate Events & Webinars into Demand Gen Campaigns



Make Events & Webinars Central to your Demand Gen Strategy

Learn concrete actions that will make live events and webinars a core part of your demand gen strategy.

Customer Stories

Cognizant Converts Analog Events to Digital

See how cognizant converts analog events to a more digital strategy.

Connect Events and ABM

Connecting Event and ABM Strategies

Turn events into relationship and revenue acceleration opportunities.

Event Lead Management

atEvent's Guide to Event Lead Management

Learn how atEvent helps B2B enterprises increase engagement and drive ROI.


"atEvent Was a Really Great Experience"

Hear how SmartBug used atEvent to eliminate data loss.


"atEvent Was Really Easy to Set Up"

Hear how atEvent made HubSpot integration easy for Voicify.


"atEvent Has Strong Salesforce Integration"

Hear about Splash’s experience with atEvent’s real-time data sync.

Customer Stories

Transnetyx Reduces Event Lead Leakage

See how Transnetyx was able to better manage their lead from events.

Customer Stories

ConnectWise Resolves Event Lead Transcription Woes

Find out how ConnectWise improved their transcription accuracy.

Customer Stories

Financial Company Improves ROI On and Off the Event Floor

See how this financial company accurately determines event ROI.

Uzair Dada MarTech Interview
In the News

MarTech Interviews atEvent CEO

Companies are looking to make events a part of their digital integrated marketing strategy to accelerate their sales velocity, track attribution and prove ROI.

Webinars ABM Strategy

Power Your ABM Strategy with Event Intelligence

Learn how to use account insights from your events to up your ABM game.

InTouch Health
Customer Stories

InTouch Health Transforms Lead Follow-Up

See how Intouch Health connects with hot leads faster with atEvent.

Staffing Company
Customer Stories

Staffing Company Puts End to ROI Guessing Game

See how this staffing company ushered in a new era of efficiency.

Goldmines or Garbage

The True Cost of Trade Show Giveaways

Are trade show giveaways goldmines or garbage generators?

Analog to Integrated

4 Fundamentals of an Integrated Event Strategy

Harness the power of events to multiply sales.