Everything You Need to Know about Running a Virtual Conference.

Dial In Event Performance

Make sure your event is running smoothly and foster healthy competition during the show. atEvent’s in-app performance dashboard lets reps monitor the number and quality of leads they've captured—and compare their performance to the rest of the team.

Dial in event performance
Get lead and account level insights

Get Lead and Account Level Insights

Refine your marketing and ABM strategies with deeper insights into leads and target accounts. Use atEvent-captured event data to determine whether you’re reaching the right people with your events, see the big picture of target account activity, gain a better understanding of your buying group, and inform account and lead scoring.

Determine and Prove Event ROI

Compare year-over-year event performance to understand how an event aligns with your business priorities. Analyze event data, such as leads captured, attendees matching your ideal customer profile, target account engagement, cost per lead, and more.

Determine and Prove Event ROI
“We are able to use atEvent’s built-in reporting that allows us to view our previously recorded data from past events to predetermine whether our upcoming events will produce a massive amount of leads or be a smaller, more intimate kind of event, where we can spend more time qualifying each lead.”
– Tori Mannix, Sr. Field Marketing Manager, ConnectWise
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