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Capture Explicit Buying Signals Across Events

Layer intent signals from digital interactions with first-party data from events to inform next best steps for target accounts. atEvent’s qualifiers and follow-up actions are fully customizable so you can capture the signals that matter most to your sales process.

Events remain the top engagement tactic for generating qualified leads for 76% of B2B brands.
73% of B2B marketers agree that events are better than any other tactic for customer engagement.
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Know Exactly When and How Target Accounts Engage

Know Exactly When and How Target Accounts Engage

Stay on top of target account interactions even when you can’t go to the event. With atEvent’s Check In feature, Account Executives can receive notifications when prospects from target accounts check in with anyone from your organization at events. They’ll know who they talked to and what they talked about—so the whole account team is always informed.

Collect Signals from Unplanned Interactions

atEvent customer data shows that up to 90% of the most valuable event interactions are ad-hoc and occur away from the booth. atEvent’s universal lead capture app lets anyone on your team capture details of conversations that take place anywhere around the event, so you can get the most complete picture of account interactions.

Event interactions can take place at the booth, in sessions, at dinners and parties and in planned and unplanned meetings.
Improve Demand Unit Mapping

Improve Demand Unit Mapping

Use captured event data to build a better picture of the demand units for target accounts. Determine who is in the demand unit, what they care about, and whether you are interacting with prospects from one or more demand units.

Fine Tune Your Account Scoring

A successful ABM strategy relies on tracking buying signals across the enterprise demand unit and across events. atEvent’s account insights make it easy to identify demand unit interactions and trends for one event or across many to drive more informed next best actions.

Fine tune your account scoring
Refine Your Event Strategy to Maximize ABM ROI

Refine Your Event Strategy to Maximize ABM ROI

Gain insight into which events are best attended by your target accounts and use this data to inform planning for future events.

“In the past, the process of aggregating all the contact information and new buyer information from an event took five to six weeks. Now, it is completed within the business week. … ABM has always been an important focus for us but a much sharper focus since working with atEvent.”
– Subhayan Deb, Global Martech Lead, Cognizant.
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