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How to Maximize Demand Gen from Events

Maximize Demand Gen from Events

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Automated, Targeted Post-Event Nurturing

atEvent was designed with the Enterprise in mind. From our robust security to our support for multiple connectivity profiles, field customization, data cleansing, 3rd party data enrichment, and more, atEvent lets you leverage your HubSpot investment to drive event ROI.
Automated, Targeted Post-Event Nurturing
Custom Field Mapping

Custom Hubspot Field Mapping

Create atEvent fields that match your HubSpot Custom Data Object fields and even add hidden fields for metadata, so you can capture the insights you need most at the event and transfer them seamlessly into HubSpot.

Registered Attendee Check-in and Alerts

Automatically populate atEvent with pre-registered attendees from your HubSpot registration pages so your team can check in prospects, add rich interaction data, and automatically alert on-the-floor salespeople about key prospects as they arrive and engage.

Registered Attendee Check-in and Alerts
Full Offline Functionality

Full Offline Functionality

Wi-fi spotty @ the event? No problem. With atEvent you can capture prospect interaction data offline and sync it automatically to HubSpot next time you have a connection.

Exceptional Support

atEvent’s customer success team is here to help you set up your HubSpot integration and guide you through getting the most out of atEvent before, during and after the event.


Justin Rahn

Customer Success
Tiffany Castillo

Tiffany Castillo

Customer Success
Kelli Dillon

Kelli Dillon

Customer Success
“Getting leads from events to our sales team has been expedited significantly. What was once a 1 to 3-week process is now down to 1 to 2 days.”
– Alisha Womack, Marketing Coordinator

Use One App at All Your Events

Standardize lead capture across all your trade shows, conventions and events with coverage at more than 75% of North American shows. No need to re-install, reconfigure, retrain reps or reformat spreadsheets.

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