What is atEvent?

atEvent's leading event app solution helps companies generate qualified leads, measure and monetize their event activity, and accelerate sales velocity after events. Our solution is fully integrated with the most widely used Marketing Automation and CRM.

What device platforms does atEvent Support?

atEvent's mobile app is supported on the following mobile OS and devices:

iOS 10 and 11 on iPhone 6 and above, iPad 4 and above, and iPad Mini 2 and above. Android 5 and above on recent Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola phones and Samsung tablets.

What Marketing Automation Platforms do you Integrate with?

Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and Hubspot, with more on the way.

Do you provide product training?

If you would like additional training, then you can reach out to your atEvent Customer Success Manager and they will be able arrange web training for you.

How do I contact the atEvent team if I have an issue?

You will be in constant contact with your Customer Success manager who will be able to support you. If you need urgent attention email: support@at-event.com.

How do I get the app?

Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, search for “atEvent”, select and install App

Where do I get my login?

You will receive an email from the atEvent Administrator once your company admin has set you up as a user. You will need to activate your email by creating a secure password for your login.

How do I change my password?

From the app select ‘Forgot Password?’ and enter the email associated with your user. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

What if I cannot login?

Make sure you have a working data connection. If you’re still unable to login, note which error message you receive and contact support@at-event.com.

Does the atEvent Mobile App work offline?

Yes. You must log in over a data connection. Once logged in, the atEvent app can function in offline mode. However, users must not log out while in offline mode or captured information will be lost.

Why do I not have any events listed in the app?

Contact your company administrator to add you to the specific events in the atEvent Central Dashboard you should be associated to.

Why is badge scanning not working?

First, ensure your event has been set up for badge scanning. If your event has badge scanning added and you are still experiencing issues, contact support@at-event.com for further assistance.

If I am prompted to retake the business card photo, do I have to re-enter the topics and follow-up actions?

Yes, the app associates topics and follow-up actions with each attendee. Therefore, if a card was previously unreadable, the previously created attendee was not saved and must be re-entered into the system.

My internet connection has full bars. Why are my cards still pending*?

Full bar strength is not indicative of a strong data connection. Once you have a strong connection the cards will begin to process.
*Note that it can take up to an hour for full transcription.

What if my camera is blacked out?

atEvent requires permission to use the device camera. You will need to go to your Device Settings and select the atEvent App and grant access to the app to use the camera.

What happens if I scan the business card and the QR Code for the same attendee?

This will create two separate entries for the same attendee in the system. For trial purposes, the QR Code and Bar Code functionality have not been set up.

What if I scan a QR Code/Bar Code using the Business Card Scanner tab?

If accidental QR Code/Bar Code is scanned under incorrect tab, information will read as .

Can one prospect’s record be scanned multiple times?

Yes, as long as that attendee is scanned by another staffer. If the same attendee is scanned multiple times by the same staffer the more recent scan will override previous scans.

How much does badge scanning cost?

This will vary for each show. US based events generally offer badge kits/API kits ranging from between free and $1200. International events are a little more difficult to predict, your Customer Success Manager will be able to help gather this information for you.

What is a Developer’s Badge Kit (API Kit)?

A Developer’s Badge Kit (API Kit) is a set of instructions that enables us to configure our application to read the information within the barcode. We purchase these from the contracted lead retrieval/registration companies at each event. This gives us the ability to work alongside the badging companies to set you up with scanning on the atEvent app and pull in attendee contact information easily.

How do I access my data online?

Login to the atEvent Central Dashboard to access data reports. Your data is available in a spreadsheet and in graphical reports.

Who owns my atEvent data?

You do! atEvent collects, stores and transmits captured data for you. We never use or sell your captured data. Never as all data is secure.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact support@at-event.com for further assistance.