Webinar: Integrate Events & Webinars into Demand Gen Campaigns

Capture Event Leads Any Way, Anywhere

Scan badges or multilingual business cards, check in pre-registered attendees, or add event leads manually—online or off, anywhere at or around the event. atEvent’s elegant interface makes lead capture easy and unobtrusive, so you can focus on your conversation.

Capture Every Lead, Everywhere
Capture Every Lead, Everywhere
Qualify on the Spot

Take Home More than Names

Events offer a rich opportunity to collect explicit buying signals from prospects. atEvent lets anyone on your team easily capture the information that matters to your sales process with custom qualifiers and follow-up actions that can be standardized across events or adapted for different audiences.

Never Miss a Hot Lead

Check in event attendees who visit your booth, your breakout, or your happy hour reception. Pull in a list of pre-registered users via your MA reg pages and add information from your interactions with them. Get notified when target accounts check in so you can follow up. All from the palm of your hand.

ABM for Events
Get leads to the finish line faster

Get Accounts to the Finish Line Faster

atEvent provides individual and account-level insights within that app and in our central dashboard, so you have all the context you need to plan and execute fast, personalized follow-up.

Find Out Who Is Playing Hooky

OK, let’s be frank. All sales managers want to know which sales reps were working at the event and who was hanging at the pool. atEvent lets you see who is cranking and who is snoozing.

See which team members attended the event
“Getting leads from events to our sales team has been expedited significantly. What was once a 1 to 3-week process is now down to 1 to 2 days.”
– Alisha Womack, Marketing Coordinator

Enterprise-Grade Integrations

atEvent’s MA/CRM integrations offer exceptional flexibility and control so captured lead data can flow seamlessly into your systems, automatically triggering post-event engagement.