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Support for the Events You Go To

Standardize lead capture across all your trade shows, conferences and events with coverage at more than 75% of North American shows. No need to re-install, reconfigure, retrain reps or reformat spreadsheets.

Limitless lead capture

Order Once. Use Everywhere.

Ordering a new badge scanner for each show wastes your time, drains your budget, and has ripple effects across marketing and sales. With atEvent you can cross trade show lead capture off your list and provide your teams with a lead app that can be easily customized to capture the info that matters most to your sales process. That's a win-win-win.

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Equip Your Whole Team for Trade Show Lead Capture

When paying by the device, it's tempting to only rent a few badge scanners. But in reality, this results in lost leads, extra data entry, and incomplete metrics. With atEvent, anyone you send to the show can capture important insights and sync them with your Marketing Automation (MA) and CRM systems accurately and automatically.

Equip your whole team for lead capture
Easy to use, easy to train

Easy to Use, Easy to Train

atEvent’s simple and intuitive interface means reps don’t need to worry about technology getting in the way of their sales process. And, with features like real-time badge scanning and voice-to-text notes transcription, reps can be sure lead records are accurate and complete.

Never Miss a Hot Lead

Check in attendees at events within events. Pull in a list of pre-registered attendees via your MA reg pages and add information from event-floor interactions. Notify sales reps when target accounts check in so they can follow up.

ABM for Events
Refine Your Event Strategy to Maximize ABM ROI

Get Insightful about Your Events

Review qualifier and follow-up data to understand how attendees compare to your ideal customer profile, what percentage of your interactions were with hot leads, and more to understand the true value of each event.

“With atEvent, especially at these larger shows, it’s great that each person can use it on their own device instead of everyone sharing one lead scanner. Each member of the team has it in the palm of their hand so they can stay in the flow of a conversation.”
– Jordan Knight, Marketing Communications Manager
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Redefine event lead management

Go Beyond Lead Capture with atEvent

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atEvent’s enterprise solution offers the widest lead retrieval integrations in the industry, covering more than 75% of North American trade shows.

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