In the quest for sales, the event lead process is a weak link. Whether you're still collecting business cards or using an event-provided scanner, getting prospect data from your event to your sales team is time-consuming and error-prone.

atEvent's enterprise lead capture solution streamlines this process by syncing event leads with your MA and CRM platforms for automatic prospect nurturing and near real-time follow-up of sales-ready leads.

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Scan attendee's business cards or badges to accurately capture prospect contact info, add topics and follow-ups, and automatically create rich prospect interaction records in your Marketing Automation or CRM systems for near real-time nurturing.

Check In


Check in event attendees who visit your booth and interact with your team. Pull in pre-registered users from your Eloqua, Marketo or Hubspot landing pages and add rich prospect interaction data from your event interactions to their prospect profiles. Notify your salespeople when any mapped accounts check in so they can follow up and accelerate the sales cycle.

Review & Manage

Review & Manage

Allow sales and marketing staff to view attendee profiles, update prospect records, review account-level interaction across events and get the pulse on sales actions by reviewing trending topics and follow-up actions.

Nurture & Follow Up

Nurture & Follow Up

The atEvent app integrates seamlessly with most Marketing Automation and CRM system so sales and marketing teams can receive high-quality event contacts and leads in near real-time and begin nurturing them right away.

Feature Comparison

Feature Smartphone Tablet
Check in attendees
Scan badge cards and business cards
Scan QR codes
Add topics/subtopics discussed
Tag follow-up actions/subfollow-up actions
Multiple card scanning
Attendee profile
Attendee alerts
Marketo integration
SalesForce integration
Eloqua Integration
Badge card scanning
Experient Event Badge API integration
Expologic Event Badge API integration
Multilingual business card scanning/support
Human transcription
Offline functionality
Connectivity testing
Works on Android and iOS

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