Average ROI at events is 5X; time for marketers to stop being average!

by atEvent | Event industry trends and predictions

Consider the following.

There are 34 tradeshows across the United States that are taking place this week alone. Did you know that for every dollar a company spends exhibiting at a tradeshow the average return on investment for that dollar is $4.99? This means that if you were to spend one dollar at every tradeshow that’s going on this week you could expect to get nearly $170 back in sales for your organization!

This is just the average return you can expect if you did what most companies normally do at events. Just imagine what the return would be if you went the extra mile at your events? What does it take to go the extra mile?

One solution is to leverage mobile at your events with customizable apps that enable you to engage with attendees, provide them with relevant information, and capture meaningful prospect interactions to close leads once the event is over.

Just listen to what atEvent General Manager Alex Lee has to say about this topic:

“The ROI potential for marketers at tradeshows and corporate events is undeniable. With ROI being top of mind, marketers need to rely on a customizable mobile app solution for their events to drive meaningful interactions with attendees, and capture real-time leads and prospect feedback so they can turn a few dollars of event spending into thousands of new customers.”   

* Alex Lee is the General Manager of leading mobile event app solutions company atEvent. With more than a decade of experience in the interactive marketing, lead gen and mobile industry, Alex leads the organization’s business and corporate development activities. Alex holds degrees in Management Science & Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University.

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